The health and safety of our choristers is our first priority.

While we’ve had to adjust, our mission remains unchanged. We continue to offer Charlotte’s best music education program. Here’s how we’re managing the COVID-19 pandemic:

Health and Safety

Currently, most chorister activities are being held virtually, in accordance with guidance from the CDC, the State of North Carolina, and the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina, which oversees our facility.

We are currently hosting outdoor rehearsals with some of our choirs. All participants are required to be masked and socially distant.

We continue to monitor the situation, recognizing that significant concerns for the transmission of COVID-19 include indoor gatherings of large groups and choral singing, and the safe return of our in-person programs may be delayed relative to other public activities.

Updates will be posted here regularly.

Last Updated: April 29, 2021

Rehearsals, Performances & Curriculum

You can read about our Spring 2021 online performances on our Season page.

In addition to our core curriculum, we are currently offering:

  • expanded one-on-one theory instruction with our artistic staff;
  • instrumental instruction with bucket drums and ukuleles, to teach rhythm and other musical principles;
  • weekly opportunities for sung rehearsals via Zoom.

Here’s how you can help.

We’re working hard to remain connected with our choristers and their families during this unprecendented time. For our choristers, we are offering online resources to help them continue working on their music education. We’re using video conferencing technology to get the Choirs together to check in, share experiences, and provide theory instruction in small groups. And, we’re working creatively to find ways to support our choristers and their families.

In short, our mission continues. And we need your support. Cultural organizations everywhere are impacted by this shutdown — both artistically, unable to host rehearsals and performances, and financially, with losses of ticket revenue and tenuous corporate support. The Choir School is similarly impacted, and we encourage those with the resources to do so to consider making tax-deductible contributions in support of our mission.

The most direct way you can support us is through a gift to our annual fund. Please consider a gift today.

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